EDRA Project

Project objectives

Towards a fast and successful deployment of the EDRA framework to the AWS marketplace, the project will focus on minor software / hardware amendments, in order to deploy the EDRA framework to the AWS marketplace, and explore a business plan for maximum profitability. More specifically, the project objectives are:

  1. Build the AWS compatible software library stack: This objective is crucial for a successful final AMI deployment (in terms of a product), since it must hide all complex software tasks for interfacing the hardware (e.g. code transformation, DAE-compatible executables, transparent CAD tool invocation for generating / updating the hardware). Overall, the final EDRA software stack will expose a lightweight developer API for easy and straightforward application deployment to the AWS marketplace.
  2. Deploy the EDRA service on the AWS marketplace: This objective focuses on materializing the overall project idea, by deploying the final EDRA framework to the AWS marketplace
  3. Maximize market growth and profitability: The objective is to ensure that the EDRA framework will be available and suitable to as many customers as possible, supported by an efficient charging strategy for optimal profitability.