EDRA Project

Expected impacts

  • Economic and business impact: Access to HPC platforms with low investment risks is the key for economic growth and business expansion. The EDRA framework does exactly that; it allows developers to significantly improve application execution with minimal cost and effort to hardware-assisted cloud infrastructure. As a result, SMEs and companies will have the option to enable the creation and adoption of new services, addressing a wide-range of potential customers, and ultimately increase their growth and expand their market share.
  • Scientific impact: Access to low-cost HPC platforms helps research institutions and universities to perform large-scale experiments on various scientific domains. The EDRA framework has the potential to further assist on the advancement of science, as it will allow researchers to deploy applications with massive datasets to cloud-scale hardware-assisted platforms with minimal cost.
  • Increased value creation from FET projects by picking up innovation opportunities: Cloud providers have just started offering the ability to customers to launch VMs that interface reconfigurable logic. EDRA is picking up this innovation opportunity, and targets to deploy the first VM with DAE support at hardware level on the Amazon marketplace for end-users / SMEs towards significantly improved application execution.
  • Improved societal and market acceptance: EDRA directly targets the transfer of innovative activities (such as the DAE hardware implementation), originally developed within the EXTRA FET project, to the largest online digital marketplace.
  • Stimulating, supporting and rewarding an open and proactive mind-set: EDRA will provide an invaluable opportunity to SMEs / companies for direct access to large processing power over a simple and intuitive software interface. This fact can stimulate new opportunities for new products / services to end-users, leading to increased profits, new jobs and improved customer experience.
  • Contributing to the competitiveness of European industry/economy: The EDRA project targets the HPC market by offering an innovative solution for accelerating the execution of compute-bound applications. SMEs and companies will be able to deploy high-demand / low-latency services on EDRA-enhanced machines with minimal investment risk and development efforts; this will (a) lead to improved customer experience and higher quality digital products, (b) allow easier SMEs expansion and growth, and consequently (c) strengthen even more the European industry sector.