EDRA Project

The EDRA Framework


This project focuses on the commercialization of the EXTRA DAE Reconfigurable Architecture (EDRA) on Amazon’s FPGA-supported Elastic Compute Cloud (Amazon EC2) infrastructure. End-users will be able to rent out Amazon VMs with the underlying EDRA architecture from the Amazon Web Services (AWS) marketplace in order to considerably boost their application performance. EDRA will provide a directive-based, high-level API to facilitate application mapping to the underlying hardware architecture.


Subscribed developers to the EDRA AWS FPGA-supported machine instance will simply have to annotate the application tasks for hardware acceleration, using a set of specific directives (EDRA directives). The EDRA framework will then process the annotated code, and generate the Decoupled Access Execute (DAE) hardware-accelerated application, ready for execution on the developer F1 instance.